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SOMPI: Gastroenterology

Emory+Children's Ped Institute

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Twenty-five-year trajectories of insulin resistance and pancreatic beta-cell response and diabetes risk in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

by Lisa B. VanWagner; Hongyan Ning; Norrina B. Allen; Juned Siddique; April P. Carson; Michael P. Bancks; Cora E. Lewis; J. Jeffrey Carr; Elizabeth Speliotes; Norah A. Terrault; Mary E. Rinella; Miriam Benedicta Vos; Donald M. Lloyd-Jones



Modest Fructose Beverage Intake Causes Liver Injury and Fat Accumulation in Marginal Copper Deficient Rats

by Ming Song; Dale A. Schuschke; Zhanxiang Zhou; Theresa Chen; Xue Shi; Jiayuan Zhang; Xiang Zhang; William M. Pierce, Jr.; W. Thomas Johnson; Miriam Benedicta Vos; Craig J. McClain



Keratin 18, apoptosis, and liver disease in children

by Yanci O. Mannery; Craig J. Mcclain; Miriam Benedicta Vos



Assessment of Nutrition Education Among Pediatric Gastroenterologists: A Survey of NASPGHAN Members

by Henry C. Lin; Doron Kahana; Miriam Benedicta Vos; Dennis Black; Zack Port; Robert Shulman; Ann Scheimann; Maria R. Mascarenhas



PRO-C3, a Serological Marker of Fibrosis, During Childhood and Correlations With Fibrosis in Pediatric NAFLD

by Alton Farris III; Miriam Vos; Shelley Caltharp; CC Cohen; E Castillo-Leon; AB Farris; RL Cleeton; EM Sinclair; DE Shevell; MA Karsdal; MJF Nielsen; DJ Leeming



Perfluoroalkyl substances and severity of nonalcoholic fatty liver in Children: An untargeted metabolomics approach

by Ran Jin; Rob McConnell; Cioffi Catherine; Shujing Xu; Douglas Walker; Nikos Stratakis; Dean Jones; Gary Miller; Cheng Peng; David V. Conti; Miriam Vos; Leda Chatzi