Mary Ellen T Sweeney MD


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Effect of Intensive Versus Standard Blood Pressure Control on Stroke Subtypes

by Mary Sweeney; CB Wright; AP Auchus; A Lerner; WT Ambrosius; H Ay; JT Bates; J Chen; JF Meschia; S Pancholi; V Papademetriou; A Rastogi; JJ Willard; J Yee; S Oparil



Blood Pressure Control and the Association With Diabetes Mellitus Incidence Results From SPRINT Randomized Trial

by Mary Sweeney; CL Roumie; AM Hung; GB Russell; J Basile; KE Kreider; J Nord; TM Ramsey; A Rastogi; L Tamariz; WJ Kostis; JS Williams; A Zias; WC Cushman



Constructing Common Cohorts From Trials with Overlapping Eligibility Criteria: Implications for Comparing Effect Sizes Between Trials

by David L. Mount; Patricia Feeney; Anthony N. Fabricatore; Mace Coday; Judy Bahnson; Robert Byington; Suzanne Phelan; Sharon Wilmoth; William C. Knowler; Irene Hramiak; Kwame Osei; Mary Ellen Sweeney; Mark A. Espeland