Mandy L Ford

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SOM: Surgery: Transplant

School Of Medicine

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LFA-1-specific therapy prolongs allograft survival in rhesus macaques

by Idelberto R. Badell; Maria C. Russell; Peter W. Thompson; Alexandra P. Turner; Tim A. Weaver; Jennifer M. Robertson; Jose G Avila; Jose A. Cano; Brandi Johnson; Mingqing Song; Frank V. Leopardi; Sarah Swygert; Elizabeth Strobert; Mandy L Ford; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen



CD40/CD154 Blockade Inhibits Dendritic Cell Expression of Inflammatory Cytokines but Not Costimulatory Molecules

by Ivana R. Ferrer; Danya Liu; David F. Pinelli; Brent H. Koehn; Linda L. Stempora; Mandy L Ford



Fc-Silent Anti-CD154 Domain Antibody Effectively Prevents Nonhuman Primate Renal Allograft Rejection

by Steven C. Kim; Walter Wakwe; Laura B. Higginbotham; David V. Mathews; Cynthia P. Breeden; Allison C. Stephenson; Joe Jenkins; Elizabeth Strobert; Karen Price; Laura Price; Robert Kuhn; Haiqing Wang; Aaron Yamniuk; Suzanne Suchard; Alton B Farris III; Thomas C Pearson; Christian P Larsen; Mandy L Ford; Anish Suri; Steven Nadler; Andrew B. Adams