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Rapamycin Augments Pathogen-Specific but Not Graft-Reactive CD8+ T Cell Responses

by Ivana R. Ferrer; Maylene E. Wagener; Jennifer M. Robertson; Alexa P. Turner; Koichi Araki; Rafi Ahmed; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen; Mandy L Ford



Limiting the Amount and Duration of Antigen Exposure During Priming Increases Memory T Cell Requirement for Costimulation During Recall

by Tamara L. Floyd; Brent H. Koehn; William H. Kitchens; Jennifer M. Robertson; Jennifer A. Cheeseman; Linda Stempora; Christian P Larsen; Mandy L Ford



Anti-TIGIT differentially affects sepsis survival in immunologically experienced versus previously naive hosts

by Yini Sun; Jerome C. Anyalebechi; He Sun; Tetsuya Yumoto; Ming Xue; Danya Liu; Zhe Liang; Craig Coopersmith; Mandy Ford