Mandy L Ford


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CD45RB Status of CD8(+) T Cell Memory Defines T Cell Receptor Affinity and Persistence

by Scott Krummey; Anna B. Morris; Jesica R. Jacobs; Donald J. McGuire; Satomi Ando; Katherine P. Tong; Weiwen Zhang; Jennifer Robertson; Sara A. Guasch; Koichi Araki; Christian Larsen; Brian Evavold; Haydn Kissick; Mandy Ford



LFA-1-specific therapy prolongs allograft survival in rhesus macaques

by Idelberto R. Badell; Maria C. Russell; Peter W. Thompson; Alexandra P. Turner; Tim A. Weaver; Jennifer M. Robertson; Jose G Avila; Jose A. Cano; Brandi Johnson; Mingqing Song; Frank V. Leopardi; Sarah Swygert; Elizabeth Strobert; Mandy L Ford; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen



NIAID workshop on T cell technologies

by Mandy Ford; TAA Gondre-Lewis; C Jiang; DM Koelle; A Sette; AK Shalek; PG Thomas