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Neoadjuvant Androgen Deprivation Therapy Leads to Immediate Impairment of Vitality/Hormonal and Sexual Quality of Life: Results of a Multicenter Prospective Study

by Hiram Gay; Jeff Michalski; Daniel A. Hamstra; John T. Wei; Rodney L. Dunn; Eric Klein; Howard M. Sandler; Chris Saigal; Mark Litwin; Deborah Kuban; Larry Hembroff; Peter Chang; Martin Sanda



A panel of selected serum protein biomarkers for the detection of aggressive prostate cancer

by Rebecca Arnold; Martin Sanda; J Song; S Ma; LJ Sokoll; RV Eguez; N Hoti; H Zhang; P Mohr; R Dua; D Patil; KD May; S Williams; DW Chan; Z Zhang



High throughput, label-free isolation of circulating tumor cell clusters in meshed microwells

by Carlos Moreno; Martin Sanda; Mehmet Bilen; M Boya; T Ozkaya-Ahmadov; BE Swain; C-H Chu; N Asmare; O Civelekoglu; R Liu; D Lee; S Tobia; S Biliya; LD McDonald; B Nazha; O Kucuk; BB Benigno; JF McDonald; AF Sarioglu



Comparative Effectiveness Study of Patient-Reported Outcomes After Proton Therapy or Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

by Martin Sanda; Bradford S. Hoppe; Jeff M. Michalski; Nancy P. Mendenhall; Christopher G. Morris; Randall H. Henderson; Romaine C. Nichols; William M. Mendenhall; Christopher Williams; Meredith M. Regan; Jonathan Chipman; Catrina Crociani; Howard M. Sandler; Daniel A. Hamstra



Measuring and Predicting Prostate Cancer Related Quality of Life Changes Using EPIC for Clinical Practice

by Jonathan J. Chipman; Martin Sanda; Rodney L. Dunn; John T. Wei; Mark S. Litwin; Catrina M. Crociani; Meredith M. Regan; Peter Chang



Localized prostate cancer in Norway, the United States, and Spain: Between-country differences of variables before treatment among patients eligible for curative treatment

by Anne Holck Storås; Martin Sanda; Montse Ferrer; Jon Håvard Loge; Alv A. Dahl; Eivind A.S. Steinsvik; Ferran Guedea; Milada Cvancarova; Sophie D. Fosså



epiCaPture: A Urine DNA Methylation Test for Early Detection of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

by Eve O'Reilly; Alexandra Tuzova; Anna L. Walsh; Niamh M. Russell; Odharnaith O'Brien; Sarah Kelly; Odharna Ni Dhomhnallain; Liam DeBarra; Connie M. Dale; Rick Brugman; Gavin Clarke; Olivia Schmidt; Shane O'Meachair; Dattatraya Patil; Kathryn L. Pellegrini; Neil Fleshner; Julia Garcia; Fang Zhao; Stephen Finn; Robert Mills; Marcelino Y. Hanna; Rachel Hurst; Elizabeth McEvoy; William M. Gallagher; Rustom P. Manecksha; Colin S. Cooper; Daniel S. Brewer; Bharati Bapat; Martin Sanda; Jeremy Clark; Antoinette S. Perry



An intra-tumoral niche maintains and differentiates stem-like CD8 T cells

by Martin Sanda; Adeboye Osunkoya; Yuan Liu; Viraj Master; Mehmet Bilen; William Hudson; Christopher Filson; Mehrdad Alemozaffar; Sejin Im; Haydn Kissick; Rama Akondy; Jennifer Carlisle; CS Jansen; N Prokhnevska; M Cardenas; S Wilkinson; R Lake; AG Sowalsky; RM Valanparambil; D McGuire; K Melnick; AI Khan; K Kim; YM Chang; A Kim; P Mullane; C Ellis; AO Kamphorst; A Reyes