Mary Rhee MD, MSCR


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Differences in complications, cardiovascular risk factor, and diabetes management among participants enrolled at veterans affairs (VA) and non-VA medical centers in the glycemia reduction approaches in diabetes: A comparative effectiveness study (GRADE)

by Hermes J Florez; Alokananda Ghosh; Rodica Pop-Busui; Sophia H Hox; Chantal Underkofler; Diane M McKee; Jean Park; Mary Rhee; Tina Killean; Heidi Krause-Steinrauf; Vanita R Aroda; Deborah J Wexler



Review of methods for detecting glycemic disorders

by Michael Bergman; Muhammad Abdul-Ghani; Ralph A DeFronzo; Melania Manco; Giorgio Sesti; Teresa Vanessa Fiorentino; Antonio Ceriello; Mary Rhee; Lawrence Phillips; Stephanie Chung; Celeste Cravalho; Ram Jagannathan; Louis Monnier; Claude Colette; David Owens; Cristina Bianchi; Stefano del Prato; Mariana P Monteiro; João Sérgio Neves; Jose Luiz Medina; Maria Paula Macedo; Rogério Tavares Ribeiro; João Filipe Raposo; Brenda Dorcely; Nouran Ibrahim; Martin Buysschaert