Mark Hyman Rapaport MD


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Fluoxetine increases suicide ideation less than placebo during treatment of adults with minor depressive disorder

by Steven Garlow; Becky Kinkead; Michale E. Thase; Lewis L. Judd; A. John Rush; Kimberly A. Yonkers; David J. Kupfer; Ellen Frank; Pamela Schettler; Mark Rapaport



Contribution of Rare Copy Number Variants to Bipolar Disorder Risk Is Limited to Schizoaffective Cases

by Alexander W. Charney; Eli A. Stahl; Elaine K. Green; Chia-Yen Chen; Jennifer L. Moran; Kimberley Chambert; Richard A. Belliveau; Liz Forty; Katherine Gordon-Smith; Phil H. Lee; Evelyn J. Bromet; Peter F. Buckley; Michael A. Escamilla; Ayman H. Fanous; Laura J. Fochtmann; Douglas S. Lehrer; Dolores Malaspina; Stephen R. Marder; Christopher P. Morley; Humberto Nicolini; Diana O. Perkins; Jeffrey Rakofsky; Mark Rapaport; Helena Medeiros; Janet L. Sobell; Lena Backlund; Sarah E. Bergen; Anders Jureus; Martin Schalling; Paul Lichtenstein; James A. Knowles; Katherine E. Burdick; Ian Jones; Lisa A. Jones; Christina M. Hultman; Roy Perlis; Shaun M. Purcell; Steven A. McCarroll; Carlos N. Pato; Michele T. Pato; Ariana Di Florio; Nick Craddock; Mikael Landen; Jordan W. Smoller; Douglas M. Ruderfer; Pamela Sklar



Contributions of common genetic variants to risk of schizophrenia among individuals of African and Latino ancestry

by Tim B. Bigdeli; Giulio Genovese; Penelope Georgakopoulos; Jacquelyn L. Meyers; Roseann E. Peterson; Conrad O. Iyegbe; Helena Medeiros; Jorge Valderrama; Eric D. Achtyes; Roman Kotov; Eli A. Stahl; Becky Kinkead; Mark Rapaport; Michele T. Pato; Steven A. McCarroll; Carlos N. Pato



Building an Evidence Base in Complementary and Integrative Healthcare for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

by Emmeline Edwards; David Mischoulon; Mark Rapaport; Barbara Stussman; Wendy Weber



The genomic psychiatry cohort: Partners in discovery

by Michele T. Pato; Janet L. Sobell; Helena Medeiros; Colony Abbott; Brooke Sklar; Peter F. Buckley; Evelyn J. Bromet; Michael A. Escamilla; Ayman H. Fanous; Douglas S. Lehrer; Fabio Macciardi; Dolores Malaspina; Steve A. McCarroll; Stephen R. Marder; Jennifer Moran; Christopher P. Morley; Humberto Nicolini; Diana O. Perkins; Becky Kinkead; Mark Rapaport



Double-blind, proof-of-concept (POC) trial of Low-Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS) augmentation of antidepressant therapy in treatment-resistant depression (TRD)

by Maurizio Fava; Marlene P. Freeman; Martina Flynn; Bettina B. Hoeppner; Richard Shelton; Dan V. Iosifescu; James W. Murrough; David Mischoulon; Cristina Cusin; Mark Rapaport; Boadie Dunlop; Madhukar H. Trivedi; Manish Jha; Gerard Sanacora; Gretchen Hermes; George I. Papakostas