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Inactivated polio vaccination using a microneedle patch is immunogenic in the rhesus macaque

by Mark Prausnitz; C Edens; NC Dybdahl-Sissoko; WC Weldon; MS Oberste



Long-term stability of influenza vaccine in a dissolving microneedle patch

by Matthew J. Mistilis; Jessica Joyce; E. Stein Esser; Ioanna Skountzou; Richard W Compans; Andreas S. Bommarius; Mark R. Prausnitz



Transpupillary collagen photocrosslinking for targeted modulation of ocular biomechanics

by Machelle Pardue; Mark Prausnitz; Christopher Ethier; Hans Grossniklaus; Andrew Feola; BG Gerberich; BG Hannon; A Hejri; EJ Winger; ES Echeverri; LM Nichols; HG Gersch; NA MacLeod; S Gupta; AT Read; MD Ritch; S Sridhar; MG Toothman; GS Gershon; SA Schwaner; G Sanchez-Rodriguez; V Goyal; AM Toporek