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Long-term stability of influenza vaccine in a dissolving microneedle patch

by Matthew J. Mistilis; Jessica Joyce; E. Stein Esser; Ioanna Skountzou; Richard W Compans; Andreas S. Bommarius; Mark R. Prausnitz



Influenza virus-like particles coated onto microneedles can elicit stimulatory effects on Langerhans cells in human skin

by Marc Pearton; Sang-Moo Kang; Jae-Min Song; Yeu-Chun Kim; Fu-Shi Quan; Alexander Anstey; Matthew Ivory; Mark Prausnitz; Richard Compans; James C. Birchall



A microneedle patch containing measles vaccine is immunogenic in non-human primates

by Chris Edens; Marcus L. Collins; James L. Goodson; Paul Rota; Mark Prausnitz



Measles vaccination using a microneedle patch

by Chris Edens; Marcus L. Collins; Jessica Ayers; Paul A. Rota; Mark R. Prausnitz



Co-Delivery of M2e Virus-Like Particles with Influenza Split Vaccine to the Skin Using Microneedles Enhances the Efficacy of Cross Protection

by Min-Chui Kim; Ki-Hye Kim; Jeong Woo Lee; Yu-Na Lee; Hyo-Jick Choi; Yu-Jin Jung; Yu-Jin Kim; Richard W Compans; Mark R. Prausnitz; Sang-Moo Kang