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Activation of diverse signalling pathways by oncogenic PIK3CA mutations

by Xinyan Wu; Santosh Renuse; Nandini A. Sahasrabuddhe; Muhammad Saddiq Zahari; Raghothama Chaerkady; Min-Sik Kim; Raja S. Nirujogi; Morassa Mohseni; Praveen Kumar; Rajesh Raju; Jun Zhong; Jian Yang; Johnathan Neiswinger; Jun-Seop Jeong; Robert Newman; Maureen Powers; Babu Lal Somani; Edward Gabrielson; Saraswati Sukumar; Vered Stearns; Jiang Qian; Heng Zhu; Bert Vogelstein; Ben Ho Park; Akhilesh Pandey



Nuclear Pore Component Nup98 Is a Potential Tumor Suppressor and Regulates Posttranscriptional Expression of Select p53 Target Genes

by Stephan Singer; Ruiying Zhao; Anthony M. Barsotti; Anette Ouwehand; Mina Fazollahi; Elias Coutavas; Kai Breuhahn; Olaf Neumann; Thomas Longerich; Tobias Pusterla; Maureen Powers; Keith M. Giles; Peter J. Leedman; Jochen Hess; David Grunwald; Harmen J. Bussemaker; Robert H. Singer; Peter Schirmacher; Carol Prives



Domain topology of nucleoporin Nup98 within the nuclear pore complex

by Guillaume Chatel; Sachin H. Desai; Alexa L Mattheyses; Maureen Powers; Birthe Fahrenkrog




Intranuclear dynamics of the Nup107-160 complex

by Stéphanie Morchoisne-Bolhy; Marie-Claude Geoffroy; Imène B. Bouhlel; Annabelle Alves; Nicolas Auduge; Xavier Baudin; Kevin Van Bortle; Maureen Powers; Valérie Doye