Mihir Patel


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Feasibility of clinical evaluation of individuals with increased risk for HPV-associated oropharynx cancer

by Mihir Patel; N Scott-Wittenborn; G D'Souza; N Aygun; SR Tewari; J Azadi; P Vosler; Z Gooi; V Mehta; W Mydlarz; M Nance; S Mlot; M Tan; BA Miles; T Troy; C Fakhry



Pembrolizumab and cabozantinib in recurrent metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a phase 2 trial

by Dong Shin; Yuan Liu; Georgia Chen; Nabil Saba; Mihir Patel; Conor Steuer; Nicole Schmitt; Mark McDonald; James Bates; Soumon Rudra; Yong Teng; A Ekpenyong; A McCook-Veal; K Magliocca; W Stokes; J Remick; M Abousaud; AC Tan; MZH Fadlullah; R Chaudhary; J Muzaffar; K Kirtane; CH Chung



A novel surgeon credentialing and quality assurance process using transoral surgery for oropharyngeal cancer in ECOG-ACRIN Cancer Research Group Trial E3311

by Robert L Ferris; Yael Flamand; Christopher F Holsinger; Gregory S Weinstein; Harry Quon; Ranee Mehra; Joaquin J Garcia; Michael L Hinni; Neil D Gross; Erich M Sturgis; Umamaheswar Duvvuri; Eduardo Mendez; John A Ridge; Scott J Magnuson; Kerry A Higgins; Mihir Patel; Russel B Smith; Daniel W Karakla; Michael E Kupferman; James P Malone; Benjamin L Judson; Jeremy Richmon; Jay O Boyle; Rodrigo Bayon; Bert W O'Malley; Enver Ozer; Giovana R Thomas; Wayne M Koch; Brayn R Bell; Nabil Saba; Shuli Li; Elin R Sigurdson; Barbara Burtness



TORS elective lingual tonsillectomy has less acute morbidity than therapeutic base of tongue TORS

by Mihir Patel; Laura Ottenstein; Martha Ryan; Annie Farrell; Matthew Studer; Michael H Baddour; Kelly Magliocca; Christopher Griffith; William Stokes; Jeffrey Switchenko; Ashley Aiken; Mark El-Deiry; Arturo C Solares; Conor Steuer; Nabil Saba; Jonathan Beitler



Endogenous APOBEC3B overexpression characterizes HPV-positive and HPV-negative oral epithelial dysplasias and head and neck cancers

by Prokopios P Argyris; Peter E Wilkinson; Matthew C Jarvis; Kelly Magliocca; Mihir Patel; Rachel I Vogel; Rajaram Gopalakrishnan; Ioannis G Koutlas; Rueben S Harris