Monica Lauren Parker MD


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Degrees Held:

  • BA, Fisk University, 1980
  • MD, University of Nebraska, 1986

Biography/Description of Research:

There is a disconnect between African American families and the resources of America's health system. As a minority physician working within Emory University, I am a link to unite the needs of the community with the resources of this medical care system. As a US born female, of African American descent, I am uniquely qualified to lead this investigation. With a long established career as a Family Physician/geriatric primary care provider, educator and community leader, now clinical research investigator, I have a strong commitment to serving the African American community. My roles have conferred a unique trust, acceptance and research perspective available to few, if any of my ADRC colleagues. I have been an Emory Healthcare clinician and educator since 1995. From 2009-2013, Castle-Connolly Associates, an independent marketing organization, named me one of Atlanta’s Best Doctors in the Atlanta Magazine. From August 2010-July 2014, I served as the inaugural Director of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Facet of The Links, Incorporated, an African American Professional Women’s Organization numbering more than 12,000 women. In this capacity, I established an MOU with the MAYO Clinic, Office of Diversity, to provide monthly educational fact sheets for the organization, co-created a PSA for minority women’s participation in clinical research, collaborated on a “pipeline” for academic enrichment and recruitment of health professional students and residents from HBCU’s, and the generation of three peer reviewed publications, to date, regarding the participation of minority women in clinical research. I have transitioned from daily clinical care practice to minority research investigator/advocate.

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