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Neuroprotective Effects of Voluntary Exercise in an Inherited Retinal Degeneration Mouse Model

by Adam M. Hanif; Eric C. Lawson; Megan Prunty; Marissa Gogniat; Moe H. Aung; Ranjay Chakraborty; Jeffrey Boatright; Machelle Pardue



Diabetic rats with high levels of endogenous dopamine do not show retinal vascular pathology

by Rachael S. Allen; Cara T. Khayat; Andrew Feola; Alice S. Win; Allison R. Grubman; Kyle C. Chesler; Li He; Jendayi A. Dixon; Timothy S. Kern; P Michael Iuvone; Peter Thule; Machelle Pardue



Voluntary oral dosing for precise experimental compound delivery in adult rats

by Machelle Pardue; KC Chesler; CT Motz; KL Bales; RA Allen; HK Vo



Non-contact measurement of linear external dimensions of the mouse eye

by Jeffrey Wisard; Micah A. Chrenek; Charles Wright; Nupur Dalal; Machelle Pardue; Jeffrey Boatright; John Nickerson



Encephalopsin (OPN3) is required for normal refractive development and the GO/GROW response to induced myopia

by Courtney Linne; Khine Yin Mon; Shane D'Souza; Heonuk Jeong; Xiaoyan Jiang; Dillon M. Brown; Kevin Zhang; Shruti Vemaraju; Kazuo Tsubota; Toshihide Kurihara; Machelle Pardue; Richard A. Lang



Developmental chronodisruption alters placental signaling in mice

by Danielle A Clarkson-Townsend; Katie L Bales; Karen E Hermetz; Amber A Burt; Machelle Pardue; Carmen Marsit