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Depression, Antidepressants, and Neurogenesis: A Critical Reappraisal

by Nicola D Hanson; Michael J Owens; Charles B Nemeroff



Early life stress and macaque annygdala hypertrophy: preliminary evidence for a role for the serotonin transporter gene

by Jeremy D. Coplan; Hassan M. Fathy; Andrea P. Jackowski; Cheuk Y. Tang; Tarique D. Perera; Sanjay J. Mathew; Jose Martinez; Chadi G. Abdallah; Andrew J. Dwork; Gustavo Pantol; David Carpenter; Jack M. Gorman; Charles B. Nemeroff; Michael Owens; Arie Kaffman; Joan Kaufman



Early Life Stress Associated With Increased Striatal N-Acetyl-Aspartate: Cerebrospinal Fluid Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Concentrations, Hippocampal Volume, Body Mass and Behavioral Correlates.

by Jeremy D. Coplan; Dunyue Lu; Alexander M. El Sehamy; Cheuk Tang; Andrea P. Jackowski; Chadi G. Abdallah; Charles B. Nemeroff; Michael J Owens; Sanjay J. Mathew; Jack M. Gorman



Reduced left ventricular dimension and function following early life stress: A thrifty phenotype hypothesis engendering risk for mood and anxiety disorders

by Jeremy D. Coplan; Anna V. Rozenboym; Sasha L. Fulton; Venkatesh Panthangi; Jean Tang; Lakshmi Thiramangalakdi; Tarique D. Perera; Yang Liu; Haroon Kamran; Michael J Owens; Charles B. Nemeroff; Leonard A. Rosenblum; John G. Kral; Louis Salciccioli; Jason Lazar