Matthew Oster


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Down Syndrome: Changing Cardiac Phenotype?

by Tiffany Riehle-Colarusso; Matthew Oster



Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children: Survey of Protocols for Early Hospital Evaluation and Management

by Matthew L. Dove; Preeti Jaggi; Michael Kelleman; Mayssa Abuali; Jocelyn Y. Ang; Wassim Ballan; Sanmit K. Basu; M. Jay Campbell; Matthew Oster



Lessons Learned From Newborn Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects

by Matthew Oster; Susan W. Aucott; Jill Glidewell; Jesse Hackell; Lazaros Kochilas; Gerard R. Martin; Julia Phillippi; Nelangi M. Pinto; Annamarie Saarinen; Marci Sontag; Alex R. Kemper



Proportion of selected congenital heart defects attributable to recognized risk factors

by Regina M. Simeone; Sarah C. Tinker; Suzanne M. Gilboa; A.J. Agopian; Matthew Oster; Owen J. Devine; Margaret A. Honein; National Birth Defects Prevention Study



Trends in Long-Term Mortality After Congenital Heart Surgery

by Logan G. Spector; Jeremiah S. Menk; Jessica H. Knight; Courtney McCracken; Amanda S. Thomas; Jeffrey M. Vinocur; Matthew E. Oster; James D. St Louis; James H. Moller; Lazaros Kochilas



Assessment of Growth 6 Years after the Norwood Procedure

by Phillip T. Burch; Chitra Ravishankar; Jane W. Newburger; Linda M. Lambert; Victoria L. Pemberton; Suzanne Granger; Alejandro A. Floh; Jeffrey B. Anderson; Garick D. Hill; Kevin D. Hill; Matthew E. Oster; Alan B. Lewis; Kurt R. Schumacher; Sinai C. Zyblewski; Ryan R. Davies; Jeffrey P. Jacobs; Wyman W. Lai; L. LuAnn Minich



Public Health Approach to Improve Outcomes for Congenital Heart Disease Across the Life Span

by Kathy J. Jenkins; Lorenzo D. Botto; Adolfo Correa; Elyse Foster; Jennifer K. Kupiec; Bradley S. Marino; Matthew E. Oster; Karen K. Stout; Margaret A. Honein