Manu Platt


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Age-dependent characterization of carotid and cerebral artery geometries in a transgenic mouse model of sickle cell anemia using ultrasound and microcomputed tomography

by Christian P Rivera; Li Li; Shuangyi Cai; Nui Pei; George E McAlear; Keval Bollavaram; Oluwasanmi Ariyo; Victor O Omojola; Hannah Song; Andrea L Alfonso; Wenchang Tan; Yunlong Huo; Manu Platt



Sickle Cell Anemia Mediates Carotid Artery Expansive Remodeling That Can Be Prevented by Inhibition of JNK (c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase)

by Hannah Song; Philip M Keegan; Suhaas Anbazhakan; Christian P Rivera; Yundi Feng; Victor O Omojola; Alexus A Clark; Shuangyi Cai; Jade Selma; Rudolph L Gleason; Edward Botchwey; Yunlong Huo; Wenchang Tan; Manu Platt



Age-Dependent Effect of Pediatric Cardiac Progenitor Cells After Juvenile Heart Failure

by Udit Agarwal; Amanda W. Smith; Kristin M. French; Archana V. Boopathy; Alex George; David Trac; Milton E. Brown; Ming Shen; Rong Jiang; Janet D. Fernandez; Brian Kogon; Kirk Kanter; Bahaaldin Alsoufi; Mary Wagner; Manu Platt; Michael Davis



Sickle cell disease promotes sex-dependent pathological bone loss through enhanced cathepsin proteolytic activity in mice

by Jeda Selma; Hannah Song; Christian Rivera; Simone Douglas; Abhiramgopal Akella; Keval Bollavaram; Nishone Thompson; Manu Platt; Edward Botchwey



Cysteine cathepsins are altered by flow within an engineered in vitro microvascular niche

by Simone A. Douglas; Kristina Haase; Roger D. Kamm; Manu Platt