Matthew Gribble

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Assistant Professor

SPH: Environmental Health

School Of Public Health

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Calls to Florida Poison Control Centers about mercury: Trends over 2003-2013

by Matthew Gribble; Aniruddha Deshpande; Wendy B. Stephan; Candis M. Hunter; Richard S. Weisman



Association of cardiometabolic genes with arsenic metabolism biomarkers in American Indian communities: The strong heart family study (SHFS)

by Poojitha Balakrishnan; Dhananjay Vaidya; Nora Franceschini; V. Saroja Voruganti; Matthew Gribble; Karin Haack; Sandra Laston; Jason G. Umans; Kevin A. Francesconi; Walter Goessler; Kari E. North; Elisa Lee; Joseph Yracheta; Lyle G. Best; Jean W. Maccluer; Jack Kent, Jr.; Shelley A. Cole; Ana Navas-Acien



Arsenic-gene interactions and beta-cell function in the Strong Heart Family Study

by Poojitha Balakrishnan; Ana Navas-Acien; Karin Haack; Dhananjay Vaidya; Jason G. Umans; Lyle G. Best; Walter Goessler; Kevin A. Francesconi; Nora Franceschini; Kari E. North; Shelley A. Cole; V. Saroja Voruganti; Matthew Gribble



Drinking Water Salinity, Urinary Macro-Mineral Excretions, and Blood Pressure in the Southwest Coastal Population of Bangladesh

by Abu Mohd Naser; Mahbubur Rahman; Leanne Unicomb; Solaiman Doza; Mohammed Shahid Gazi; Gazi Raisul Alam; Mohammed Rabiul Karim; Mohammad Nasir Uddin; Golam Kibria Khan; Kazi Matin Ahmed; Mohammad Shamsudduha; Shuchi Anand; Kabayam Venkat Narayan; Howard Chang; Stephen P. Luby; Matthew Gribble; Thomas Clasen



'Green' on the ground but not in the air: Pro-environmental attitudes are related to household behaviours but not discretionary air travel

by Ian Alcock; Mathew P. White; Tim Taylor; Deborah F. Coldwell; Matthew Gribble; Karl L. Evans; Adam Corner; Sotiris Vardoulakis; Lora E. Fleming



Association of Low-Moderate Arsenic Exposure and Arsenic Metabolism with Incident Diabetes and Insulin Resistance in the Strong Heart Family Study.

by Maria Grau-Perez; Chin-Chi Kuo; Matthew Gribble; Poojitha Balakrishnan; Miranda Jones Spratlen; Dhananjay Vaidya; Kevin A. Francesconi; Walter Goessler; Eliseo Guallar; Ellen K. Silbergeld; Jason G. Umans; Lyle G. Best; Elisa T. Lee; Barbara V. Howard; Shelley A. Cole; Ana Navas-Acien



Stepped-wedge cluster-randomised controlled trial to assess the cardiovascular health effects of a managed aquifer recharge initiative to reduce drinking water salinity in southwest coastal Bangladesh: study design and rationale.

by Abu Mohd Naser; Leanne Unicomb; Solaiman Doza; Kazi M. Ahmed; Mahbubur Rahman; Mohammad Nasir Uddin; Shamshad B. Quraishi; Shahjada Selim; Mohammad Shamsudduha; William Burgess; Howard Chang; Matthew Gribble; Thomas Clasen; Stephen P. Luby



An Updated Review of Ciguatera Fish Poisoning: Clinical, Epidemiological, Environmental, and Public Health Management

by Melissa A. Friedman; Mercedes Fernandez; Lorraine C. Backer; Robert W. Dickey; Jeffrey Bernstein; Kathleen Schrank; Steven Kibler; Wendy Stephan; Matthew Gribble; Paul Bienfang; Robert E. Bowen; Stacey Degrasse; Harold A. Flores Quintana; Christopher R. Loeffler; Richard Weisman; Donna Blythe; Elisa Berdalet; Ram Ayyar; Danielle Clarkson-Townsend; Karen Swajian; Ronald Benner; Tom Brewer; Lora E. Fleming