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Orally efficacious broad-spectrum allosteric inhibitor of paramyxovirus polymerase

by Robert M. Cox; Julien Sourimant; Mart Toots; Jeong-Joong Yoon; Satoshi Ikegame; Mugunthan Govindarajan; Ruth E. Watkinson; Patricia Thibault; Negar Makhsous; Michelle J. Lin; Jose R. Marengo; Zachary Sticher; Alexander Kolykhalov; Michael Natchus; Alexander L. Greninger; Benhur Lee; Richard Plemper



An Orally Available, Small-Molecule Polymerase Inhibitor Shows Efficacy Against a Lethal Morbillivirus Infection in a Large Animal Model

by Stefanie A Krumm; Dan Yan; Elise S Hovingh; Taylor J Evers; Theresa Enkirch; G Prabhakar Reddy; Aiming Sun; Manohar T Saindane; Richard F Arrendale; George Painter; Dennis Liotta; Michael George Natchus; Veronika von Messling; Richard Karl Plemper



Sphingolipid AnaloguesInhibit Development of MalariaParasites

by Esmeralda V S Meyer; Jason J. Holt; Kathryn R. Girard; Mark T. Ballie; Anatoliy S. Bushnev; Stacey Lapp; David Menaldino; Richard Franklin Arrendale; Prabhakar Reddy Gruddanti; Taylor J. Evers; Randy B. Howard; Deborah Culver; Dennis C Liotta; Mary R Galinski; Michael George Natchus



Characterization of orally efficacious influenza drug with high resistance barrier in ferrets and human airway epithelia

by Mart Toots; Jeong-Joong Yoon; Robert M. Cox; Michael Hart; Zachary M. Sticher; Negar Makhsous; Roland Plesker; Alec H. Barrena; Prabhakar G. Reddy; Deborah G. Mitchell; Ryan C. Shean; Gregory Bluemling; Alexander Kolykhalov; Alexander L. Greninger; Michael Natchus; George Painter; Richard Plemper