Mark S Nanes MD/PhD

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SOM: Medicine: Endocrinology

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T Lymphocytes Amplify the Anabolic Activity of Parathyroid Hormone Through Wnt10b Signaling

by Masakazu Terauchi; Jau-Yi Li; Brahmchetna Bedi; Ki-Hyun Baek; Hesham Tawfeek; Sarah Galley; Linda Gilbert; Mark S Nanes; Majd Zayzafoon; Robert E. Guldberg; David L. Lamar; Meredith A. Singer; Timothy F. Lane; Henry M. Kronenberg; M Neale Weitzmann; Roberto Pacifici



Progesterone and Src Family Inhibitor PP1 Synergistically Inhibit Cell Migration and Invasion of Human Basal Phenotype Breast Cancer Cells

by Mingxuan Xie; Li Zhou; Xi Chen; Lindsey O. Gainey; Jian Xiao; Mark Nanes; Anji Hou; Shaojin You; Qiong Chen



Identification of the homeobox protein Prx1 (MHox, Prrx-1) as a regulator of osterix expression and mediator of tumor necrosis factor α action in osteoblast differentiation

by Xianghuai Lu; George R Beck Jr; Linda C. Gilbert; Corinne E. Camalier; Nicholas W. Bateman; Brian L. Hood; Thomas P. Conrads; Michael J. Kern; Shaojin You; Hong Chen; Mark S Nanes