Melissa Gilbert-Ross PhD


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  • PhD, Stony Brook University, 2004

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Evaluating antitumor activity of Escherichia coli purine nucleoside phosphorylase against head and neck patient-derived xenografts

by Regina Rab; Annette Ehrhardt; Bhagelu R Achyut; Disha Joshi; Melissa Gilbert-Ross; Chunzi Huang; Katharine Floyd; Anton V Borovjagin; William B Parker; Eric Sorscher; Jeong S Hong



Loss of the endocytic tumor suppressor HD-PTP phenocopies LKB1 and promotes RAS-driven oncogenesis.

by Chang-Soo Seong; Chunzi Huang; Austin C Boese; Yuning Hou; Junghui Koo; Janna K Mouw; Manali Rupji; Greg Joseph; Richard H Johnston; Henry Claussen; Jeffrey M Switchenko; Madhusmita Behera; Michelle Churchman; Jill M Kolesar; Susanne M Arnold; Katie Kerrigan; Wallace Akerley; Howard Colman; Margaret A Johns; Cletus Arciero; Wei Zhou; Adam Marcus; Suresh Ramalingam; Haian Fu; Melissa Gilbert-Ross



The use of Trichomonas vaginalis purine nucleoside phosphorylase to activate fludarabine in the treatment of solid tumors

by William B Parker; Paula W Allan; William R Waud; Jeong Hong; Melissa Gilbert-Ross; BR Achyut; Disha Joshi; Turang Behbahani; Regina Rab; SE Ealick; Eric Sorscher



The level of oncogenic Ras determines the malignant transformation of Lkb1 mutant tissue in vivo

by Briana Rackley; Chang-Soo Seong; Evan Kiely; Rebecca E. Parker; Manili Rupji; Bhakti Dwivedi; John M. Heddleston; William Giang; Neil Anthony; Teng-Leong Chew; Melissa Gilbert-Ross