Michelle Schoettler


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Toward a Better Understanding of the Atypical Features of Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease: A Report from the 2020 National Institutes of Health Consensus Project Task Force

by Kirsten Williams; Michelle Schoettler; GDE Cuvelier; NP Buxbaum; I Pinal-Fernandez; M Schmalzing; JHW Distler; O Penack; BD Santomasso; R Zeiser; K Angstwurm; KPA MacDonald; WT Kimberly; N Taylor; E Bilic; B Banas; M Buettner-Herold; N Sinha; HT Greinix; J Pidala; KR Schultz; Y Inamoto; C Cutler; LM Griffith; SJ Lee; S Sarantopoulos; SZ Pavletic; D Wolff



Risk factors for transplant-associated thrombotic microangiopathy and mortality in a pediatric cohort

by Michelle Schoettler; Leslie E. Lehmann; Steven Margossian; Maia Lee; Leslie Kean; Pei-Chi Kao; Clement Ma; Christine N. Duncan