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Growth Perturbations in a Phenotype with Rapid Fetal Growth Preceding Preterm Labor and Term Birth

by Michelle Lampl; Juan Pedro Kusanovic; Offer Erez; Francesca Gotsch; Jimmy Espinoza; Luis Goncalves; Wesley Lee; Ricardo Gomez; Jyh Kae Nien; Edward A. Frongillo; Roberto Romero



Advancing human health in the decade ahead: pregnancy as a key window for discovery

by Yoel Sadovsky; Sam Mesiano; Graham J. Burton; Michelle Lampl; Jeffrey C. Murray; Rachel M. Freathy; Anita Mahadevan-Jansen; Ashley Moffett; Nathan D. Price; Paul H. Wise; Derek E. Willdman; Ralph Snyderman; Nigel Paneth; John Anthony Capra; Marcelo A. Nobrega; Yaacov Barak; Louis J. Muglia



Ethnic differences in the accumulation of fat and lean mass in late gestation

by Michelle Lampl; Wesley Lee; Winston Koo; Edward A. Frongillo; David J.P. Barker; Roberto Romero



Sex Differences in Fetal Growth Responses to Maternal Height and Weight

by Michelle Lampl; Francesca Gotsch; Juan Pedro Kusanovic; Ricardo Gomez; Jyh Kae Kae Nien; Edward A. Frongillo; Roberto Romero