Michael J Kuhar PhD


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Region- and sex-specific changes in CART mRNA in rat hypothalamic nuclei induced by forced swim stress

by Burcu Balkan; Oguz Gozen; Ersin O. Koylu; Aysegul Keser; Michael J Kuhar; Sakire Pogun



Affinity Labeling of Membrane Receptors Using Tissue-Penetrating Radiations

by Franklin C. Wong; John Boja; Beng Ho; Michael J Kuhar; Dean F. Wong



The cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript mediates ligand-independent activation of ER alpha, and is an independent prognostic factor in node-negative breast cancer

by DJ Brennan; DP O'Connor; H Laursen; SF McGee; S McCarthy; R Zagozdzon; E Rexhepaj; AC Culhane; FM Martin; MJ Duffy; G Landberg; L Ryden; SM Hewitt; Michael J Kuhar; R Bernards; RC Millikan; JP Crown; K Jirstrom; WM Gallagher



Immunogold localization of the dopamine transporter: An ultrastructural study of the rat ventral tegmental area

by Melissa J. Nirenberg; June Chan; Roxanne A. Vaughan; George R. Uhl; Michael Kuhar; Virginia M. Pickel



CART peptides: regulators of body weight, reward and other functions

by G. Rogge; D. Jones; G.W. Hubert; Y. Lin; Michael Kuhar



The dopamine transporter: Comparative ultrastructure of dopaminergic axons in limbic and motor compartments of the nucleus accumbens

by Melissa J. Nirenberg; June Chan; Alicia Pohorille; Roxanne A. Vaughan; George R. Uhl; Michael Kuhar; Virginia M. Pickel