Michael R Kramer PhD


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Risk factors for and perinatal outcomes of major depression during pregnancy: a population-based analysis during 2002-2010 in Finland

by Sari Raisanen; Soili M. Lehto; Henriette S. Nielsen; Mika Gissler; Michael Kramer; Seppo Heinonen



Characteristics and treatment of hospitalized pregnant women with COVID-19

by Ahlia Sekkarie; Rebecca Woodruff; Michael Whitaker; Michael Kramer; Lauren B Zapata; Sasha R Ellington; Dana Meaney-Delman; Huong Pham; Kadam Patel; Christopher A Taylor; Shua J Chai; Breanna Kawasaki; James Meek; Kyle P Openo; Andy Weigel; Lauren Leegwater; Kathryn Como-Sabetti; Susan L Ropp; Alison Muse; Nancy M Bennett; Laurie M Billing; Melissa Sutton; Keipp H Talbot; Mary Hill; Fiona Havers



The Impacts of Residential Location on the Risk of HIV Virologic Failure Among ART Users in Durban, South Africa

by Yi-No Chen; Daniella Coker; Michael Kramer; Brent A Johnson; Kristin Wall; Claudia Ordonez; Darius McDaniel; Alex Edwards; Anna Q Hare; Henry Sunpath; Vincent Marconi



Severe Maternal Morbidity in Georgia, 2009-2020

by Anne Dunlop; Esther Adams; Michael Kramer; K Labgold; AD Zertuche; JD Runkle; M Bryan; GR Freymann; D Austin



Maternal health equity in Georgia: a Delphi consensus approach to definition and research priorities

by Alexis Amore; Sarah Blake; Michael Kramer; Elizabeth Mosley; NDD Hernandez; ADD Aina; LJ Baker; CGG Franklin; ZTT Henderson; FM Jackson; L Nunally; S Sylvester