Melissa Kottke MD


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Women's informed choice and satisfaction with immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraception in Georgia.

by Carla L. DeSisto; Arden Handler; Sadia Haider; Rachel Caskey; Nadine Peacock; Melissa Kottke; Kristin Rankin



Assessing and Promoting Cardiovascular Health for Adolescent Women: User-Centered Design Approach

by Holly Gooding; Kolbi Bradley; Santiago J Arconada Alvarez; Amanda K Gilmore; Morgan Greenleaf; Aayahna Herbert; Melissa Kottke; Maren Parsell; Sierra Patterson; Tymirra Smith; Mercedes Sotos-Prieto; Elizabeth Zeichner



Implementation of Title X Family Planning Services in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study of a Primary Care Network in Georgia

by Anna Newton-Levinson; Rachel Regina; Gabrielle Dys; Megan Higdon; Sara Sullivan; Michael W. Brooks; Melissa Kottke; Kelli Hall; Sarah Blake



Sexually transmitted disease partner notification among African-American, adolescent women

by Anna Buchsbaum; Maria F. Gallo; Maura K. Whiteman; Carrie Cwiak; Peggy Goedken; Joan Marie Kraft; Denise Jamieson; Melissa Kottke



Assessing Health and Wellness Outcomes of Medicaid-Enrolled Infants Born to Adolescent Mothers

by Toyya A Pujol; Anna Smith; Nicoleta Serban; Melissa Kottke; Julie Swann