Melissa Kottke MD


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Factors Associated with Contraceptive Use Differ between Younger and Older African-American Female Adolescents

by Kristie Elizabeth North Clarke; Joan Marie Kraft; Jeffrey B. Wiener; Kendra Hatfield-Timajchy; Melissa Kottke; Jessica Sales; Peggy Goedken; Athena Kourtis



Using a Checklist to Assess Pregnancy in Teenagers and Young Women

by Maura K. Whiteman; Naomi Tepper; Melissa Kottke; Kathryn M. Curtis; Peggy Goedken; Michele G. Mandel; Polly A. Marchbanks



Women's informed choice and satisfaction with immediate postpartum long-acting reversible contraception in Georgia.

by Carla L. DeSisto; Arden Handler; Sadia Haider; Rachel Caskey; Nadine Peacock; Melissa Kottke; Kristin Rankin



Sexually transmitted disease partner notification among African-American, adolescent women

by Anna Buchsbaum; Maria F. Gallo; Maura K. Whiteman; Carrie Cwiak; Peggy Goedken; Joan Marie Kraft; Denise Jamieson; Melissa Kottke