Michelle C Kegler DrPH/MPH


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Food Acquisition Practices, Body Mass Index, and Dietary Outcomes by Level of Rurality

by Michelle Kegler; Radhika Prakash; April Hermstad; Kate Anderson; Regine Haardorfer; Ilana G Raskind



Smoke-Free Homes and Home Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in Shanghai, China

by Pinpin Zheng; Carla Berg; Michelle Kegler; Wenjie Fu; Jing Wang; X Zhou; D Liu; H Fu



Home gardening and associations with fruit and vegetable intake and BMI

by Michelle Kegler; Regine Haardoerfer; R Prakash; A Hermstad; D Williamson; K Anderson; R Haardorfer



Inequities in Physical Activity Environments and Leisure-Time Physical Activity in Rural Communities

by Michelle Kegler; Nicole Gauthreaux; April Hermstad; Kimberly Jacob Arriola; Addison Mickens; Kelley Ditzel; Clarisa Hernandez; Regine Haardoerfer