Mohammed K Ali MD, MSc, MBA


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Continuity of Medication Use by US Adults With Diabetes, 2005-2019

by Kabayam Venkat Narayan; Puneet Chehal; Tegveer S Uppal; Sara Turbow; Gail Fernandes; Jeehea Haw; Megha Shah; Swapnil Rajpathak; Venkat KM Narayan; Mohammed Ali



Economic Evaluation of the $35 Insulin Copay Cap Policy in Medicare and Its Implication for Future Interventions

by Hui Shao; Dawei Guan; Vivian Fonseca; Lizheng Shi; Anirban Basu; Rodica Pop-Busui; Mohammed Ali; Joshua Brown



Effect of a collaborative care model on anxiety symptoms among patients with depression and diabetes in India: The INDEPENDENT randomized clinical trial

by Christopher G Kemp; Leslie Johnson; Rajesh Sagar; Subramani Poongothai; Nikhil Tandon; Ranjit Mohan Anjana; Sosale Aravind; Gumpeny R Sridhar; Shivani Patel; Karl Emmert-Fees; Deepa Rao; K M V Narayan; Viswanathan Mohan; Mohammed Ali; Lydia A Chwastiak



Improving health outcomes of people with diabetes: target setting for the WHO Global Diabetes Compact

by Mohammed Ali; EW Gregg; J Buckley; J Davies; D Flood; R Mehta; B Griffiths; L-L Lim; J Manne-Goehler; J Pearson-Stuttard; N Tandon; G Roglic; S Slama; JE Shaw



Socioeconomic status and cardiovascular risk in urban South Asia: The CARRS Study

by Mohammed Ali; B. Bhaskarapillai; Roopa Shivashankar; Deepa Mohan; Zafar A. Fatmi; Rajendra Pradeepa; M. Masood Kadir; Viswanathan Mohan; Nikhil Tandon; K.M. Venkat Narayan; Doorairaj Prabhakaran