Michael Wolf


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Spillover of Early Extubation Practices From the Pediatric Heart Network Collaborative Learning Study*

by Madolin K Witte; William Mahle; Sara K Pasquali; Susan C Nicolson; Lara S Shekerdemian; Michael Wolf; Wenying Zhang; Janet E Donohue; Michael Gaies



Rationale and methodology of a collaborative learning project in congenital cardiac care

by Michael J. Wolf; Eva K. Lee; Susan C. Nicolson; Gail D. Pearson; Madolin K. Witte; Jeryl Huckaby; Michael Gaies; Lara S. Shekerdemian; William Mahle



Variation in care for children undergoing the Fontan operation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome

by Aaron W. Eckhauser; Maria I. Van Rompay; Chritra Ravishankar; Jane W. Newburger; S. Ram Kumar; Christian Pizarro; Nancy Ghanayem; Felicia L. Trachtenberg; Kristin M. Burns; Garick D. Hill; Andrew M. Atz; Michelle S. Hamstra; Mjaye Mazwi; Patsy Park; Marc E. Richmond; Michael Wolf; Jeffrey D. Zampi; Jeffrey P. Jacobs; L. LuAnn Minich



Variation in Implementation and Outcomes of Early Extubation Practices After Infant Cardiac Surgery

by Katherine E. Bates; William Mahle; Lauren Bush; Janet Donohue; Michael G. Gaies; Susan C. Nicolson; Lara Shekerdemian; Madolin Witte; Michael Wolf; Judy A. Shea; Donald S. Likosky; Sara K. Pasquali