Matthew Magee


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LowBMIincreases all-cause mortality rates in patients with drug-resistant TB

by N Adamashvili; D Baliashvili; G Kuchukhidze; AD Salindri; Russell Kempker; Henry Blumberg; N Lomtadze; Z Avaliani; Matthew Magee



Mentoring in Global Health: Formative Evaluation of Tuberculosis Research Training Programs in Ethiopia and Georgia

by Dawn L. Comeau; Kathryn Mishkin; Nestani Tukvadze; Zaza Avaliani; Russell Ryan Kempker; Lisa Sthreshley; Matthew James Magee; Hannah Eisen; Damen Haile Mariam; Abraham Aseffa; Henry Michael Blumberg



Clinical characteristics, drug resistance, and treatment outcomes among tuberculosis patients with diabetes in Peru

by Matthew Magee; E Bloss; SS Shin; C Contreras; H Arbanil Huaman; J Calderon Ticona; J Bayona; C Bonilla; M Yagui; O Jave; J. Cegielski