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Dopamine Deficiency Contributes to Early Visual Dysfunction in a Rodent Model of Type 1 Diabetes

by Moe H. Aung; Han na Park; Moon K. Han; Tracy S. Obertone; Jane Abey; Fazila Aseem; Peter M. Thule; P Michael Iuvone; Machelle Pardue



Retinal degeneration increases susceptibility to myopia in mice

by Hanna Park; Christopher C Tan; Amanda Faulkner; Seema B Jabbar; Gregor Schmid; Jane Abey; P Michael Iuvone; Machelle Pardue



alpha-Synuclein binds and sequesters PIKE-L into Lewy bodies, triggering dopaminergic cell death via AMPK hyperactivation

by Seong Su Kang; Zhentao Zhang; Xia Liu; Frederic P. Manfredsson; Li He; Paul Iuvone; Xuebing Cao; Yi E. Sun; Lingjing Jin; Keqiang Ye



N-acetylserotonin activates TrkB receptor in a circadian rhythm

by Sung-Wuk Jang; Xia Liu; Sompol Pradoldej; Gianluca Tosini; Qiang Chang; P Michael Iuvone; Keqiang Ye



The Rat With Oxygen-Induced Retinopathy Is Myopic With Low Retinal Dopamine

by Nan Zhang; Tara L. Favazza; Anna Maria Baglieri; Ilan Y. Benador; Emily R. Noonan; Anne B. Fulton; Ronald M. Hansen; P Michael Iuvone; James D. Akula