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Melanopsin modulates refractive development and myopia

by Ranjay Chakraborty; Erica G Landis; Reece Mazade; Victoria Yang; Ryan Strickland; Samer Hattar; Richard A Stone; Paul Iuvone; Machelle Pardue



High susceptibility to experimental myopia in a mouse model with a retinal ON pathway defect

by Machelle Pardue; Amanda E. Faulkner; Alcides Fernandes; Hang Yin; Frank Schaeffel; Robert W. Williams; Nikita Pozdeyev; P Michael Iuvone



Diabetic rats with high levels of endogenous dopamine do not show retinal vascular pathology

by Rachael S. Allen; Cara T. Khayat; Andrew Feola; Alice S. Win; Allison R. Grubman; Kyle C. Chesler; Li He; Jendayi A. Dixon; Timothy S. Kern; P Michael Iuvone; Peter Thule; Machelle Pardue



Visual conditions affecting eye growth alter diurnal levels of vitreous DOPAC

by Paul Iuvone; DL Nickla; S Sarfare; B McGeehan; W Wei; J Elin-Calcador; L He; S Dhakal; J Dixon; MG Maguire; RA Stone



Photoreceptor Degeneration in Homozygous Male Per2(luc) Mice During Aging

by Varunika Goyal; Christopher DeVera; Kenkichi Baba; Jana Sellers; Micah A Chrenek; Paul Iuvone; Gianluca Tosini



The Circadian Clock in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium Controls the Diurnal Rhythm of Phagocytic Activity

by Christopher DeVera; Jendayi Dixon; Micah A. Chrenek; Kenkichi Baba; Yun Z. Le; Paul Iuvone; Gianluca Tosini