Melissa White MD/MPH


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Prioritizing homelessness in emergency medicine education: A concept paper

by Benedict C Del Buono; Bisan Salhi; Alexis E Kimmel; Sally A Santen; Kelli L Jarrell; Melissa White; Christopher K Brown; Joel L Moll



Impact of doximity residency rankings on emergency medicine applicant rank lists

by William J. Peterson; Laura R. Hopson; Sorabh Khandelwal; Melissa White; Fiona E. Gallahue; John Burkhardt; Aimee M. Rolston; Sally A. Santen



Standardized video interviews do not correlate to United States medical licensing examination step 1 and step 2 scores

by Daniel J. Egan; Abbas Husain; Michael C. Bond; William Caputo; Lukasz Cygan; Jeff Van Dermark; Jan M. Shoenberger; Ida Li; William Krauss; Jonathan Bronner; Melissa White; Arlene S. Chung; Kaushal H. Shah; Todd Taylor; Matthew Silver; Brahim Ardolic; Moshe Weizberg



Choosing emergency medicine: Influences on medical students’ choice of emergency medicine

by John C. Ray; Laura R. Hopson; William Peterson; Sally A. Santen; Sorabh Khandelwal; Fiona E. Gallahue; Melissa White; John C. Burkhardt