Michal Horny


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Advances in Prediction of Readmission Rates Using Long Term Short Term Memory Networks on Healthcare Insurance Data

by Shuja Khalid; Francisco Matos; Ayman Abunimer; Joel Bartlett; Richard Duszak; Michal Horny; Judy Gichoya; Imon Banerjee; Hari Trivedi



Patient navigation to improve diabetes outpatient care at a safety-net hospital: a retrospective cohort study

by Michal Horny; Wiljeana Glover; Gouri Gupte; Aruna Saraswat; Varsha Vimalananda; James Rosenzweig



Cost-effectiveness of preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention for conception in the United States

by Ashley A. Leech; James F. Burgess, Jr.; Meg Sullivan; Wendy Kuohung; Michal Horny; Mari-Lynn Drainoni; Cindy L. Christiansen; Benjamin P. Linas