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Hybrid epicardial-endocardial ablation for long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation: A subanalysis of the CONVERGE Trial

by David B DeLurgio; Christopher Blauth; Michael Halkos; Karl J Crossen; David Talton; Saumil R Oza; Anthony R Magnano; Mark A Mostovych; Sreedhar Billakanty; Steven Duff; Christopher Stees; Jason Sperling; Syed Ahsan; John Yap; Christian Shults; David Pederson; James Garrison; Paul Tabereaux; David M Gilligan; Graham Bundy; Otto Costantini; Eric Espinal; Angelo La Pietra; Felix Yang; Yisachar Greenberg; Israel Jacobowitz; Jaswinder Gill



Meta-analysis of minimally invasive coronary artery bypass versus drug-eluting stents for isolated left anterior descending coronary artery disease

by Ralf E. Harskamp; Judson B. Williams; Michael Halkos; Renato D. Lopes; Jan G. P. Tijssen; Bruce Ferguson, Jr.; Robbert J. de Winter



First nationwide survey of US integrated 6-year cardiothoracic surgical residency program directors

by Amir H. Lebastchi; John J. Tackett; Michael Argenziano; John H. Calhoon; Mario G. Gasparri; Michael Halkos; George L. Hicks; Mark D. Iannettoni; John S. Ikonomidis; Patrick M. McCarthy; Sandra L. Starnes; Betty C. Tong; David D. Yuh