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Development of a Unique Small Molecule Modulator of CXCR4

by Zhongxing Liang; Weiqiang Zhan; Aizhi Zhu; Younghyoun Yoon; Songbai Lin; Maiko Sasaki; Jan-Michael A. Klapproth; Hua Yang; Hans Grossniklaus; Jianguo Xu; Mauricio Rojas; Ronald Voll; Mark Goodman; Richard F. Arrendale; Jin Liu; Chang-Hyon Yun; James P. Snyder; Dennis C Liotta; Hyunsuk Shim



Effect of age and autism spectrum disorder on oxytocin receptor density in the human basal forebrain and midbrain

by Sara M. Freeman; Michelle C. Palumbo; Rebecca H. Lawrence; Aaron L. Smith; Mark Goodman; Karen L. Bales



Relationship between rate of drug uptake in brain and behavioral pharmacology of monoamine transporter inhibitors in rhesus monkeys

by Heather L. Kimmel; S. Stevens Negus; Kristin M. Wilcox; Sarah B. Ewing; Jeffrey Scott Stehouwer; Mark Goodman; John R Votaw; Nancy K. Mello; F. Ivy Carroll; Leonard Howell



A Swine Hind Limb Ischemia Model Useful for Testing Peripheral Artery Disease Therapeutics

by Juline N Deppen; Sydney C Ginn; Na Hee Kim; Lanfang Wang; Ronald Voll; Steven H Liang; Mark Goodman; John Oshinski; Rebecca Levit