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Contemporary prevalence of pretreatment urinary, sexual, hormonal, and bowel dysfunction: Defining the population at risk for harms of prostate cancer treatment

by Matthew J. Resnick; Daniel A. Barocas; Alicia K. Morgans; Sharon E. Phillips; Vivien W. Chen; Matthew R. Cooperberg; Michael Goodman; Sheldon Greenfield; Ann S. Hamilton; Karen E. Hoffman; Sherri H. Kaplan; Lisa E. Paddock; Antoinette M. Stroup; Xiao-Cheng Wu; Tatsuki Koyama; David F. Penson



Association between poor oral health and diabetes among Indian adult population: potential for integration with NCDs

by Ishita Rawal; Shreeparna Ghosh; Safraj Shahul Hameed; Roopa Shivashankar; Vamadevan S. Ajay; Shivani A Patel; Michael Goodman; Mohammed Ali; K.M. Venkat Narayan; Nikhil Tandon; Dorairaj Prabhakaran



Uncontrolled confounding in studies of screening effectiveness: an example of colonoscopy

by Ronald Eldridge; Chyke A. Doubeni; Robert H. Fletcher; Ann G. Zauber; Douglas A. Corley; V. Paul Doria-Rose; Michael Goodman



African ancestry gradient is associated with lower systemic f<inf>2</inf>-isoprostane levels

by Francis Annor; Michael Goodman; Bharat Thyagarajan; Ike Okosun; Ayo Doumatey; Barbara A. Gower; Dora Il'yasova



Type and dose of radiotherapy used for initial treatment of non-metastatic prostate cancer

by Dian Wang; Alex Ho; Ann S Hamilton; Xiao-Cheng Wu; Mary Lo; Steven Fleming; Michael Goodman; Trevor Thompson; Jean Owen



Effectiveness of screening colonoscopy in reducing the risk of death from right and left colon cancer: a large community-based study

by Chyke Doubeni; Douglas A. Corley; Virginia P. Quinn; Christopher D. Jensen; Ann G. Zauber; Michael Goodman; Jill R. Johnson; Shivan J. Mehta; Tracy A. Becerra; Wei K. Zhao; Joanne Schottinger; V. Paul Doria-Rose; Theodore R. Levin; Noel S. Weiss; Robert H. Fletcher