Mary R Galinski PhD

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Phone: 404-727-7214


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SOM: Medicine: Infectious Dis

School Of Medicine

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Plasmodium vivax trophozoite-stage proteomes

by Dave C. Anderson; Stacey A. Lapp; Sheila Akinyi; Esmeralda Meyer; John W. Barnwell; Cindy Korir-Morrison; Mary Galinski



Plasmodium knowlesi gene expression differs in ex vivo compared to in vitro blood-stage cultures

by Stacey A. Lapp; Sachel Mok; Lei Zhu; Hao Wu; Peter R. Preiser; Zybnek Bozdech; Mary Galinski



Metabolome-wide association study of peripheral parasitemia in Plasmodium vivax malaria

by Luiz Gustavo Gardinassi; Regina Joice Cordy; Marcus V.G. Lacerda; Jorge Salinas; Wuelton M. Monteiro; Gisely C. Melo; Andre M. Siqueira; Fernando F. Val; ViLinh Tran; Dean Jones; Mary Galinski; Shuzhao Li