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Plasmodium vivax: who cares?

by Mary R Galinski; John W. Barnwell



The relevance of non-human primate and rodent malaria models for humans

by Jean Langhorne; Pierre Buffet; Mary R Galinski; Michael Good; John Harty; Didier Leroy; Maria M. Mota; Erica Pasini; Laurent Renia; Eleanor Riley; Monique Stins; Patrick Duffy



Plasmodium knowlesi: a superb in vivo nonhuman primate model of antigenic variation in malaria

by Mary R Galinski; S. A. Lapp; M. S. Peterson; F. Ay; C. J. Joyner; K. G. Le Roch; L. L. Fonseca; Eberhard Otto Voit



PacBio assembly of a Plasmodium knowlesi genome sequence with Hi-C correction and manual annotation of the SIC Avar gene family

by S. A. Lapp; J. A. Geraldo; J. - T. Chien; F. Ay; S. B. Pakala; G. Batugedara; J. Humphrey; J. D. Debarry; K. G. Le Roch; Mary R Galinski; J. C. Kissinger



Naturally acquired humoral and cellular immune responses to Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein 9 in Northwestern Amazon individuals

by J. C. Lima-Junior; T. M. Tran; Esmeralda L. Meyer; B. Singh; S. G. De-Simone; F. Santos; C. T. Daniel-Ribeiro; Alberto Moreno; J. W. Barnwell; Mary R Galinski; J. Oliveira-Ferreira