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Risk of pulmonary emboli after removal of an upper extremity central catheter associated with a deep vein thrombosis

by Manila Gaddh; DE Houghton; HH Billett; O Onadeko; G George; T-F Wang; TH Oo; M Feng; M Dasgupta; M Jaglal; MB Streiff; P Simpson; R Gali; LB Kreuziger



Physician perceptions and use of reduced-dose direct oral anticoagulants for extended phase venous thromboembolism treatment

by Manila Gaddh; D Groat; KA Martin; RP Rosovsky; KM Sanfilippo; LB Kreuziger; ME Eyster; SC Woller



Anticoagulation in cancer-associated thromboembolism with thrombocytopenia: a prospective, multicenter cohort study

by Manila Gaddh; BJ Carney; T-F Wang; S Ren; G George; A Al Homssi; GC Connolly; V Shah; T Bogue; A Bartosic; D Neuberg; LB Kreuziger; J Zwicker



Comanagement Strategy Between Academic Institutions and Community Practices to Reduce Induction Mortality in Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

by Morgan McLemore; Elliott Winton; Amelia Langston; Leonard Heffner Jr.; Manila Gaddh; Martha Arellano; Vamsi Kota; AP Jillella; LT Heffner; C Zhang; CR Caprara; KS Simon; SL Bolds; S DeBragga; P Karkhanis; SH Krishnamurthy; J Tongol; MM El Geneidy; A Pati; JM Gerber; MR Grunwald; J Cortes; A Bashey; RK Stuart