Martha Rogers MD


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Informing the scale-up of Kenya’s nursing workforce: a mixed methods study of factors affecting pre-service training capacity and production

by Ashley A Appiagyei; Rose N Kiriinya; Jessica M Gross; David N Wambua; Elizabeth O Oywer; Andrew K Kamenju; Melinda K Higgins; Patricia L. Riley; Martha Rogers



Kenya's emergency-hire nursing programme: a pilot evaluation of health service delivery in two districts

by Stephen M. Vindigni; Patricia L. Riley; Francis Kimani; Rankesh Willy; Patrick Warutere; Jennifer F. Sabatier; Rose Kiriinya; Michael Friedman; Martin Osumba; Agnes N. Waudo; Chris Rakuom; Martha Rogers



The public sector nursing workforce in Kenya: a county-level analysis

by Mabel Wakaba; Patrick Mbindyo; Jacob Ochieng; Rose Kiriinya; Jim Todd; Agnes Waudo; Abdisalan Noor; Chris Rakuom; Martha Rogers; Mike English