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SOM: Neurology: Stroke

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Field Assessment Stroke Triage for Emergency Destination A Simple and Accurate Prehospital Scale to Detect Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes

by Fabricio O. Lima; Gisele S. Silva; Karen L. Furie; Michael Frankel; Michael H. Lev; Érica CS Camargo; Diogo Haussen; Aneesh B. Singhal; Walter J. Koroshetz; Wade S. Smith; Raul Nogueira



Racial and geographic differences in fish consumption

by Fadi Nahab; A. Le; S. Judd; Michael Frankel; J. Ard; P.K. Newby; V.J. Howard



The Ischemic Stroke Genetics Study (ISGS) Protocol

by James F Meschia; Thomas G Brott; Robert D Brown, Jr; Richard JP Crook; Michael Frankel; John Hardy; Jose G Merino; Stephen S Rich; Scott Silliman; Bradford Burke Worrall



Emergency Consent: Patients' and Surrogates' Perspectives on Consent for Clinical Trials in Acute Stroke and Myocardial Infarction

by Neal Dickert Jr; Victoria M. Scicluna; Opeolu Adeoye; Dominick J. Angiolillo; James C. Blankenship; Chandan M Devireddy; Michael Frankel; Sara F. Goldkind; Yi-An Ko; Andrea R. Mitchell; Raul G. Nogueria; Ruth M Parker; Manesh R. Patel; Michele Riedford; Robert Silbergleit; Candace D. Speight; Ilana Spokoyny; Kevin P. Weinfurt; Rebecca Pentz; Gautam Kumar



Allogeneic Umbilical Cord Blood Infusion for Adults with Ischemic Stroke: Clinical Outcomes from a Phase I Safety Study

by Daniel T. Laskowitz; Ellen R. Bennett; Rebecca J. Durham; John J. Volpi; Jonathan R. Wiese; Michael Frankel; Elizabeth Shpall; Jeffry M. Wilson; Jesse Troy; Joanne Kurtzberg