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Invasive Haemophilus influenzae disease in adults ≥ 65 years, United States, 2011

by Amy Blain; Jessica MacNeil; Xin Wang; Nancy Bennett; Monica Farley; Lee H. Harrison; Catherine Lexau; Lisa Miller; Megin Nichols; Susan Petit; Arthur Reingold; William Schaffner; Ann Thomas; Thomas Clark; Amanda Cohn; Elizabeth Briere



Risk Factors for Invasive Meningococcal Disease Belonging to a Novel Urethritis Clade of Neisseria meningitidis-United States, 2013-2017

by Monica Farley; SE Oliver; AC Retchless; AE Blain; LA McNamara; S Ahrabifard; D Weiss; E Zaremski; X Wang; S Hariri



Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections Among People Who Inject Drugs and People Experiencing Homelessness in the United States, 2010-2017

by Monica Farley; Sandra Valenciano; J Onukwube; MW Spiller; A Thomas; K Como-Sabetti; W Schaffner; S Petit; JP Watt; N Spina; LH Harrison; NB Alden; S Torres; ML Arvay; B Beall; CA Van Beneden



Streptococcus mitis Expressing Pneumococcal Serotype 1 Capsule

by Fernanda C. Lessa; Jennifer Milucky; Nadine Rouphael; Nancy M. Bennett; H. Keipp Talbot; Lee H. Harrison; Monica Farley; Jeremy Walston; Fabiana Pimenta; Robert E. Gertz; Gowrisankar Rajam; Maria da Gloria Carvalho; Bernard Beall; Cynthia G. Whitney



Multistate, Population-Based Distributions of Candidate Vaccine Targets, Clonal Complexes, and Resistance Features of Invasive Group B Streptococci Within the United States, 2015-2017

by Monica Farley; L McGee; S Chochua; Z Li; S Mathis; J Rivers; B Metcalf; A Ryan; N Alden; LH Harrison; PS Vagnone; R Lynfield; C Smelser; A Muse; AR Thomas; S Schrag; BW Beall



Trends in incidence of long-term-care facility onset Clostridium difficile infections in 10 US geographic locations during 2011-2015

by Alice Y. Guh; Yi Mu; James Baggs; Lisa G. Winston; Wendy Bamberg; Carol Lyons; Monica Farley; Lucy E. Wilson; Stacy M. Holzbauer; Erin C. Phipps; Zintars G. Beldays; Marion A. Kainer; Maria Karlsson; Dale N. Gerding; Ghinwa Dumyati