Marian L Evatt MD MS


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DNA variants in CACNA1C modify Parkinson disease risk only when Vitamin D level is deficient

by Liyong Wang; Lizmarie Maldonado; Gary W. Beecham; Eden R. Martin; Marian Evatt; James Ritchie; Jonathan L. Haines; Cyrus P. Zabetian; Haydeh Payami; Margaret A. Pericak-Vance; Jeffery M. Vance; William K. Scott



25-Hydroxyvitamin D Depletion Does Not Exacerbate MPTP-Induced Dopamine Neuron Damage in Mice

by E. Danielle Dean; Lydia M. Mexas; Natalie L. Capiro; Jeanne E. McKeon; Mahlon R DeLong; Kurt D. Pennell; Jonathan A. Doorn; Vin Tangpricha; Gary W Miller; Marian L Evatt



Dysautonomia Rating Scales in Parkinson's Disease: Sialorrhea, Dysphagia, and Constipation-Critique and Recommendations by Movement Disorders Task Force on Rating Scales for Parkinson's Disease

by Marian Evatt; K. Ray Chaudhuri; Kelvin L. Chou; Ester Cubo; Vanessa Hinson; Katie Kompoliti; Chengwu Yang; Werner Poewe; Olivier Rascol; Cristina Sampaio; Glenn T. Stebbins; Christopher G. Goetz