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Influenza vaccine effectiveness and disease burden in children and adolescents with sickle cell disease: 2012-2017

by Carol Kao; Kristina Lai; John M McAteer; Mohnd Elmontser; Elizabeth M Quincer; Marianne Yee; Ashley Tippet; Robert Jerris; Peter A Lane; Evan Anderson; Nitya Bakshi; Inci Yildirim



The ASH-ASPHO Choosing Wisely Campaign: 5 hematologic tests and treatments to question

by Sherif H O'Brien; Sherif M Badawy; Seth J Rotz; Mona D Shah; Julie Makarski; Rachel S Bercovitz; Mary-Jane S Hogan; Lori Luchtman-Jones; Julie A Panepinto; Ginna M Priola; Char M Witmer; Julie A Wolfson; Marianne Yee; Lisa K Hicks