Bernard Lassegue

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Phone: 404-727-3138


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SOM: Medicine: Cardiology

School Of Medicine

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NOX4-derived reactive oxygen species limit fibrosis and inhibit proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells in diabetic atherosclerosis

by Elyse Di Marco; Stephen P. Gray; Kit Kennedy; Cedric Szyndralewiez; Alicia Lyle; Bernard Lassegue; Kathy Griendling; Mark E. Cooper; Harald H.H.W. Schmidt; Karin A.M. Jandeleit-Dahm



Nox5 mediates PDGF-induced proliferation in human aortic smooth muscle cells

by Desmond B. Jay; Christopher A. Papaharalambus; Bonnie Seidel-Rogol; Anna E. Dikalova; Bernard P Lassegue; Kathy Griendling



Poldip2, a novel regulator of Nox4 and cytoskeletal integrity in vascular smooth muscle cells

by Alicia N. Lyle; Nita N. Deshpande; Yoshihiro Taniyama; Bonnie Seidel-Rogol; Lily Pounkova; Pingfeng Du; Christopher Papaharalambus; Bernard P Lassegue; Kathy Griendling