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Fibronectin and Cyclic Strain Improve Cardiac Progenitor Cell Regenerative Potential In Vitro

by Kristin M. French; Joshua Maxwell; Srishti Bhutani; Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary; Marcos J. Fierro; Todd D. Johnson; Karen L. Christman; W Taylor; Michael Davis



Cardiac interstitial tetraploid cells can escape replicative senescence in rodents but not large mammals.

by Kathleen M. Broughton; Tiffany Khieu; Nicky Nguyen; Michael Rosa; Sadia Mohsin; Pearl Quijada; Bingyan J. Wang; Oscar H. Echeagaray; Dieter A. Kubli; Taeyong Kim; Fareheh Firouzi; Megan M. Monsanto; Natalie A. Gude; Robert M. Adamson; Walter P. Dembitsky; Michael Davis; Mark A. Sussman



Targeting Extracellular DNA to Deliver IGF-1 to the Injured Heart

by Raffray S. Khan; Mario D. Martinez; Jay C. Sy; Karl D. Pendergrass; Pao-lin Che; Milton Brown; E. Bernadette Cabigas; Madhuri Dasari; Niren Murthy; Michael Davis



Controlled JAGGED1 delivery induces human embryonic palate mesenchymal cells to form osteoblasts

by Jean De La Croix Ndong; Yvonne Stephenson; Michael Davis; Andres J. Garcia; Steven Goudy



Over-Expression of Catalase in Myeloid Cells Confers Acute Protection Following Myocardial Infarction

by E. Bernadette Cabigas; Inthirai Somasuntharam; Milton E. Brown; Pao Lin Che; Karl D. Pendergrass; Bryce Chiang; W Robert Taylor; Michael Davis