Mary Lihinie DeAlmeida MD


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The Burden of Critical Illness in Hospitalized Children in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Protocol for a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

by Mary DeAlmeida; TB Kortz; KR Nielsen; RP Mediratta; H Reeves; NF O'Brien; JH Lee; JE Attebery; EG Bhutta; C Biewen; AC Munoz; Y Fonseca; S Hooli; H Johnson; N Kissoon; ML Leimanis-Laurens; AM McCarthy; C Pineda; KE Remy; SC Sanders; Y Takwoingi; MO Wiens; AT Bhutta



"Difficult to Sedate": Successful Implementation of a Benzodiazepine-Sparing Analgosedation-Protocol in Mechanically Ventilated Children

by Nataly Shildt; Chani Traube; Mary DeAlmeida; Ishaan Dave; Scott Gillespie; Whitney Moore; Lillian D. Long; Pradip Kamat