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Soluble TNF mediates amyloid-independent, diet-induced alterations to immune and neuronal functions in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model

by Kathryn P MacPherson; Lori N Eidson; Madelyn Houser; Blaine E Weiss; Jenna L Gollihue; Mary K Herrick; Maria Elizabeth Rodrigues; Lindsey Sniffen; Erica M Weekman; Adam M Hamilton; Sean D Kelly; Danielle L Oliver; Yuan Yang; Jianjun Chang; Timothy Sampson; Christopher M Norris; MariadeLourdes Tansey



Progranulin loss results in sex-dependent dysregulation of the peripheral and central immune system

by Madelyn Houser; Oihane Uriarte Huarte; Rebecca L Wallings; Cody E Keating; Kathryn P MacPherson; Mary K Herrick; George T Kannarkat; Sean D Kelly; Jianjun Chang; Nicholas Varvel; Jessica E Rexach; Malú Gámez Tansey



Bacterial Butyrate in Parkinson's Disease Is Linked to Epigenetic Changes and Depressive Symptoms

by Aoji Xie; Elizabeth Ensink; Peipei Li; Juozas Gordevicius; Lee L Marshall; Sonia George; John Andrew Pospisilik; Velma TE Aho; Madelyn Houser; Pedro AB Pereira; Knut Rudi; Lars Paulin; MariadeLourdes Tansey; Petri Auvinen; Patrik Brundin; Lena Brundin; Viviane Labrie; Filip Scheperjans



Experimental colitis promotes sustained, sex-dependent, T-cell-associated neuroinflammation and parkinsonian neuropathology

by Madelyn Houser; William Caudle; Jianjun Chang; George T Kannarkat; Yuan Yang; Sean Kelly; Danielle Oliver; Valerie Joers; Kathleen M Shannon; Ali Keshavarzian; Malú Gámez Tansey



Inflammation and immune dysfunction in Parkinson disease

by MariadeLourdes Tansey; Rebecca L Wallings; Madelyn Houser; Mary K Herrick; Cody E Keating; Valerie Joers



Transgenic Mice Expressing Human a -Synuclein in Noradrenergic Neurons Develop Locus Ceruleus Pathology and Nonmotor Features of Parkinson ' s Disease

by Laura M Butkovich; Madelyn Houser; Termpanit Chalermpalanupap; Kirsten A Porter-Stransky; Alexa F Iannitelli; Jake S Boles; Grace M Lloyd; Alexandra S Coomes; Lori N Eidson; Maria Elizabeth Rodrigues; Danielle L Oliver; Sean Kelly; Jianjun Chang; Nora Bengoa-Vergniory; Richard Wade-Martins; Benoit I Giasson; Valerie Joers; David Weinshenker; MariadeLourdes Tansey



Relationships of gut microbiota, short-chain fatty acids, inflammation, and the gut barrier in Parkinson's disease

by Velma T. E. Aho; Madelyn Houser; Pedro A. B. Pereira; Jianjun Chang; Knut Rudi; Lars Paulin; Vicki Hertzberg; Petri Auvinen; MariadeLourdes Tansey; Filip Scheperjans