Marcos Schechter


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Specimen self-collection for SARS-CoV-2 testing: Patient performance and preferences-Atlanta, Georgia, August-October 2020

by Yun Wang; Paulina Rebolledo; Marcos Schechter; Juliana Da Silva; Hannah Kirking; Adam Hoffman; K O'Laughlin; CC Espinosa; SE Smith-Jeffcoat; M Koh; GM Khalil; RJ Stewart; J da Silva; C Biedron; B Bankamp; J Folster; AS Gargis; MD Bowen; A Paulick; JE Tate



Effects of Patient Characteristics on Diagnostic Performance of Self-Collected Samples for SARS-CoV-2 Testing

by Sarah E. Smith-Jeffcoat; Mitsuki Koh; Adam Hoffman; Paulina Rebolledo; Marcos Schechter; Halie K. Miller; Sadia Sleweon; Rebecca Rossetti; Vyjayanti Kasinathan; Hany Atallah; Brooks Moore; Yun Wang; HL Kirking



Internal Medicine Residents' Knowledge and Practice of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnosis

by Natasha Chida; Christopher Brown; Jyoti Mathad; Kelly Carpenter; George Nelson; Marcos Coutinho Schechter; Natalie Giles; Paulina Rebolledo Esteinou; Susan M Ray; Valeria Fabre; Diana Silva Cantillo; Sarah Longworth; Valerianna Amorosa; Christian Petrauskis; Catherine Boulanger; Natalie Cain; Amita Gupta; Jane McKenzie-White; Robert Bollinger; Michael T Melia