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Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in two different populations of northern cardinals

by Maria Russell; Seth R. Newton; Katherine M. McClure; Rebecca S. Levine; Lara P. Phelps; Andrew B. Lindstrom; Mark J. Strynar



Platelet-Derived CD154: Ultrastructural Localization and Clinical Correlation in Organ Transplantation

by Ali H. Charafeddine; Eugenia J. Kim; Dawn M. Maynard; Hong Yi; Timothy A. Weaver; Meral Gunay-Aygun; Maria C. Russell; William A. Gahl; Allan D Kirk



LFA-1-specific therapy prolongs allograft survival in rhesus macaques

by Idelberto R. Badell; Maria C. Russell; Peter W. Thompson; Alexandra P. Turner; Tim A. Weaver; Jennifer M. Robertson; Jose G Avila; Jose A. Cano; Brandi Johnson; Mingqing Song; Frank V. Leopardi; Sarah Swygert; Elizabeth Strobert; Mandy L Ford; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen



CD40 Blockade Combines with CTLA4Ig and Sirolimus To Produce Mixed Chimerism in an MHC-defined Rhesus Macaque Transplant Model

by Andrew Page; Swetha Srinivasan; Karnail Singh; Maria C. Russell; Kelly Hamby; Taylor Deane; Sharon Sen; Linda Stempora; Frank Leopardi; Andrew A. Price; Elizabeth Strobert; Keith A. Reimann; Allan D Kirk; Christian P Larsen; Leslie S. Kean



An MHC-defined primate model reveals significant rejection of bone marrow after mixed-chimerism induction despite full MHC matching

by Christian P Larsen; Andrew Page; Kelly Hamby Linzie; Maria C. Russell; Taylor Deane; Linda Stempora; Elizabeth Strobert; Maria Cecilia T. Penedo; Thea Ward; Roger Wiseman; David O'Connor; Weston Miller; Sharon Sen; Karnail Singh; Leslie S. Kean