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SOM: Rehab: DPT Program

School Of Medicine

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Multiple measures of corticospinal excitability are associated with clinical features of multiple sclerosis

by J.L. Neva; B Lakhani; K.E. Brown; K.P. Wadden; C.S. Mang; N.H.M. Ledwell; Michael Borich; I.M. Vavasour; C Laule; A.L. Traboulsee; A.L. MacKay; L.A. Boyd



Agonist-Antagonist Coactivation Enhances Corticomotor Excitability of Ankle Muscles

by Trisha M. Kesar; Andrew Tan; Steven Eicholtz; Kayilan Baker; Jiang Xu; Joanna T. Anderson; Steven L Wolf; Michael R. Borich



Motor Skill Acquisition Promotes Human Brain Myelin Plasticity

by Bimal Lakhani; Michael Borich; Jacob N. Jackson; Katie P. Wadden; Sue Peters; Anica Villamayor; Alex L. MacKay; Irene M. Vavasour; Alexander Rauscher; Lara A. Boyd