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Climate research priorities for policy-makers, practitioners, and scientists in Georgia, USA

by Murray Rudd; Althea F. P. Moore; Daniel Rochberg; Lisa Bianchi-Fossati; Marilyn A. Brown; David D'Onofrio; Carrie A. Furman; Jairo Garcia; Ben Jordan; Jennifer Kline; L. Mark Risse; Patricia L. Yager; Jessica Abbinett; Merryl Alber; Jesse E. Bell; Cyrus Bhedwar; Kim M. Cobb; Juliet Cohen; Matt Cox; Myriam Dormer; Nyasha Dunkley; Heather Farley; Jill Gambill; Mindy Goldstein; Garry Harris; Melissa Hopkinson; Jean-Ann James; Susan Kidd; Pam Knox; Yang Liu