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Development of a triazolobenzodiazepine-based PET probe for subtype-selective vasopressin 1A receptor imaging

by Ahmed Haider; Zhiwei Xiao; Xiaotian Xia; Jiahui Chen; Richard S Van; Shi Kuang; Chunyu Zhao; Jian Rong; Tuo Shao; Perla Ramesh; Appu Aravind; Yihan Shao; Chongzhao Ran; Larry Young; Steven H Liang



Pair-bonding and social experience modulate new neurons survival in adult male and female prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster)

by Analía E Castro; Raymundo Domínguez-Ordoñez; Larry Young; Francisco J Camacho; Daniela Ávila-González; Raúl G Paredes; Nestor F Diaz; Wendy Portillo



Harnessing the healing power of love

by Charles L Ford; Larry Young