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Neuropsychological Deficits Chronically Developed after Focal Ischemic Stroke and Beneficial Effects of Pharmacological Hypothermia in the Mouse

by Weiwei Zhong; Yan Yuan; Xiaohuan Gu; Samuel In-young Kim; Ryan Chin; Modupe Loye; Thomas A. Dix; Ling Wei; Shan Ping Yu



Neonatal inflammatory pain and systemic inflammatory responses as possible environmental factors in the development of autism spectrum disorder of juvenile rats

by Jin Hwan Lee; Alyssa R. Espinera; Dongdong Chen; Ko-Eun Choi; Asha Yoshiko Caslin; Soonmi Won; Valentina Pecoraro; Guang-Yin Xu; Ling Wei; Shan Yu



Cell based therapies for ischemic stroke: From basic science to bedside

by Xinfeng Liu; Ruidong Ye; Tao Yan; Shan Ping Yu; Ling Wei; Gelin Xu; Xinying Fan; Yongjun Jiang; R. Anne Stetler; George Liu; Jieli Chen